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"Let's Go to School"

"Instructor Mei Mei Hu takes youngsters on a sparkling tour of a Chinese school. With sprightly musical interludes backing footage of girls and boys arriving at school, eating breakfast, exercising, dancing, napping, and much more. This sampled program from a five-part Play and Learn Chinese series, not only offers a lovely taste of a school day in China but also introduces Mandarin." 

-Booklist (American Library Association) 

"Dance & Learn"

??he enthusiasm and spontaneity of the children is contagious, inviting viewers to join in. The videography, transitions, and sound are excellent with colorful changing Chinese landscapes for each song. With the repetitious nature of the songs, children will be able to sing the words after a few viewings. Elementary school teachers, dance instructors, and daycare workers could easily use segments of the production to teach the dances and the Chinese language. A great way to learn about another culture through song and dance.??/p>

-School Library Journal

"Play & Learn"

"Using songs, movement, and activities, teacher Mei Mei Hu delivers a powerful learning experience in an enjoyable way."

-Adoptive Families magazine

??ie xie for the wonderful videos. My daughters have loved the ??ounting Mei Mei" video for a while and now can?? get enough of the ??ew Mei Mei????It is so much fun to watch them learning.??/p>

- Marion, mother of twins

??e have the first Mei Mei tape and can?? say enough good things about it! If you want to introduce Chinese to your children or keep the language knowledge that they have already, alive, this is a great way to do it.??/p>

- Mary, mother of one

??hank-you for having such wonderful videos available! Your tapes are such a great asset to learning Chinese and [are] so child-friendly. Our daughter will watch it once and learn it 90%. By the second viewing she has it all down pat??ohis year she is
in Kindergarten and she will be going to the other classes and counting for them, and telling them their body parts. All thanks to you and your first video!!!!!??/p>

- Kathy, mother of one

??e have watched the new videos and once again the girls love them. They especially like the dancing part ??you should see them standing in front of the TV following right along?????/p>

- Flo, grandmother of two

?? can?? tell you how much we have enjoyed your tapes! You??e a special person to many people.??/p>

- Tana, mother of one

??y daughters love your videos so much. My husband does too. He was singing the carrot song all day long.??/p>

- Sue, mother of one

??.I have adopted two girls from China??ohey both LOVE your first video??[A friend] told me that you have two more videos! I cannot tell you how excited I am and will be ordering them soon. Thank you so much for making these videos and I hope we can count on seeing more in the future.??/p>

- Mary M., mother of two

??y two year old is already running around the house handing me the video saying ME ME!!!! It is TOO funny! ... The children are precious and we absolutely LOVE it!! We have not gotten to watch part three yet but I love how you did part two with the Tones and the finger! What a GREAT idea and a good way to get the tones across to the kids AND moms!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!

- Vicki, mother of two

??e have all 3 volumes of your videos and we love them! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful resource for those of us with children adopted from China. They have been helpful to my daughter and to myself! I was telling a Chinese friend some of the words I had learned and she was very impressed with my tones and how well I said them! I couldn?? have done it without such a good teacher!"

- Linda, mother of one

"I must tell you both my 4 year old and 16 month old watch at least once a day. They sing the songs all the time and the baby can even count to 10 already perfectly!! I would love to get the next video so can you tell me which one to purchase?"

- Monica, mother of two

"My daughter, Cara loves your tapes. It is so nice to see her excited to learn Chinese. We went for a while to Saturday classes and she just didn't seem to get it. Thanks again."

- John, father of one

"I teach elementary school. I have all three Play & Learn Chinese. I use almost everything from Vol. 1. for my kindergarten and first grade students. Thanks."

- Rosita, teacher

??ur girls love your new CD. They have listened to it in the car at least 10 times already, since it arrived on Saturday. They really like it because they recognize the songs from your first video.??/p>

-Liz, mother of two

??e listen to the CD every morning in the car, or any other time we get in the car, and it has made a big difference already in Claire's ability to speak Chinese. She also loves to dance with the girls from China and happily sings along.??/p>

-Marie, mother of one

?? LOVE your new video. It is absolutely delightful. I watched it with Jasmine last night and we both got really excited about it. It is fun, beautiful, and a great format for learning Chinese. The girls are adorable! Such a joy to watch, I just want to hug each one. I love the fact that the words in English, Pinyin, and characters are on the screen to read. Jasmine and I were especially excited because we are starting to be able to recognize and read some pinyin and characters.??/p>

-Janice, mother of one

??he video is just wonderful. Really, it is superb. We know some of the songs already, but not all, so it is perfect for us at this time. Shufen sang along as well as she could for the whole tape, and imitated the dancing, her attention never wavered (mine either). At one point, during Liang zhi Lao Hu, she shouted out "Sing it again, Mei Mei!" I had to laugh.??/p>

-Lois, mother of one

?? have a cute story. When Tianna saw your picture on the screen she yelled out: ??ei Mei!,??then she said, ?? Love Mei Mei!??:) My older daughter, Torielle, said to tell you that she LOVES your video and she thinks your daughter is SO cute! We are really enjoying the video so much and listen to the CD and sing along all the time in the car!??/p>

-Vicki, mother of two

??e just got back from our Mandarin Lesson. The twins are in the living room watching your new video again. They are singing and dancing! They love it!??/p>

-Nancy, mother of twins

?? love your new CD and the tape you made in China. We listen to the CD every morning in the car, or any other time we get in the car, and it has made a big difference in Claire's ability to speak Chinese, she is learning much quicker then I but she is quick to correct me so I have plenty of help! She also loves to dance with the girls from China and happily sings along.??/p>

-Marie, mother of one

??e love the products. Lilith is, of course, very taken with the cartoons of Big Head Son, even though they are in Chinese and none of us speaks Chinese, she is fascinated and wants to watch them a lot. She started to pick up words, too. I am so relieved to have something that is not full of violence, death, killing, hitting - you know what I mean.

We love the dance video, too. I like that there are girls (and boys) dancing and singing, and Lili picked out her "favorite" girl. I like looking at the changing background scenery, too. And we also like the beautiful dresses. I can follow the words easily, that is great, and Lili and I sing along.??/p>

-Edith, mother of one

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