Famous Chinese Folksongs


This collection of 18 Chinese folksongs are all performed by one of China’s most famous and beloved artists, Hu Song Hua. Fans of Chinese music will be thrilled with the rich tones and beautiful singing voice of this wonderful inspiring performer.

Song List

1.Song Of Praise
2.May Everybody Enjoy Longevity
3.Resounding Music
5.Silvery Moon Beams
6.A Good And Desirable Hometown
8.Presenting The Gold Cup To The Motherland
9.Lovely Hometown And Beautiful Grasslands
10.When I Pass The Spotlessly White Yurt
11.The Wedding Song
12.A Moctunal Song Resounding Across The Grasslands
13.The Forest Waterwheel
14.The Camel Bell
15.Motherland – My Dear Mother!
16.The First Snowfall
17.Ducklings and Poppy Flowers
18.Selling Papayas




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