Golden Hits of Chinese Folksongs


This CD features 17 of China’s best loved folksongs from different provinces all sang by a group of the most famous Chinese singers. This collection is a must have for the admirer or collector of Chinese pure folksongs.

Song List

1. A Married Daughter Comes Home
2. Visiting Her Family
3. Visiting Home With The Baby
4. No Time For Visiting
5. Cradle Song
6. Sister-In-Law’s Duet
7. The Fourth Sister Huang
8. Missing Her Husband
9. Ten Big Sisters
10. Bao Leng Song
11. Little Girl
12. Have Food And Clothing
13. Purple Bamboo
14. The Nun’s Song
15. Busy Planning The Wedding
16. 30 Miles Of Mountains, 20 Miles Of Water



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