Classic Folksongs of China


This HD compatible 2 CD collection features 32 beloved classic folksongs from China performed by three well-known Chinese artists of all time. This collection provides hours of musical pleasure and will be treasured by anyone that enjoys Chinese folk music.

Song List - CD 1

1. The Sun Never Sets In The Grassland
2. Everlasting Friendship
3. Oh Horse, Trot A Bit Slower
4. There’s A Beautiful Place
5. My Quest From Afar, Please Stay
6. Clean Ohangu Lake

7. In the Silver Moonlight
8. Big Rainfall
9. AmaLe-e
10. Sing A Song For The Party
11. The Peach Blossoms Are Out
12. Full Moon In The Next Day
13. Little White Poplar
14. Love Snows Of Salbei
15. Mang Jiang Hong
16. DaolaJi

Song List CD-2

1. Fisherman’s Complaint
2. Paean To The Red Plum
3. My Motherland
4. On The Songhua River
5. The Yellow River Ballad
6. The Peasants Sing For Their Emancipation
7. Ode To Coral
8. Paean To The Heroes
9. The Communist Party Brings Us Sweetness
10. The Girl Singer Under The Iron Heel Of The Oppressors
11. Embroidering Silk Banner With Words Of Gold
12. The Song Of Kelamayi
13. Transformation Into Butterflies
14. Love My Country
15. Mochou (Don’t Worry)
16. A Wandering Singer




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